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What We Offer


What We Offer

We specialize in increasing sales, exploding brand awareness, and measuring ROI for hospitality businesses using social media/chatbot marketing. New Zealand and Australia are the main markets we are targeting.


Chatbot marketing

Facebook Messenger has 2 Billion monthly users, it is now the most powerful communication channel in the modern world.

Typically marketing follows where customers are spending their time, Messenger is a great platform to take advantage of. We implement messenger marketing for hospitality businesses with 3 main objectives: Driving more people into the venue, building a messenger database, increasing social media exposure.


Content Creation

Food, drink, venue, and “fly on the wall” in venue photography is what we specialize in. Our content is geared toward social media posting and website content.

Typically if we are working with a client we will get fresh content every 8-12 weeks. This is usually a photography session with the chef where a large amount of food is prepared and shoot in one session, this gives us a stockpile of content to be used for the coming months.



If you are a Hospitality Group or own multiple venues, we focus on providing an outsourced social media marketing solution for the whole group.

We work with your marketing to provide a results driven social media/chatbot marketing solution. If you are looking for a competitive advantage, increasing sales, and having a first mover advantage. Working with Be Social can get you there.