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What is a chatbot?


What is a chatbot?

When we use the word chatbot, what we are really referring to is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot. This allows you to talk directly to your customers through the messenger app or through Facebook. Once a database is built, it can be seen as very similar to having an email database.

How it works

As the video above shows, once you comment on the post the chatbot messenger window opens and the messenger bot starts. As soon as they interact with the bot, the customer becomes part of the database and can be interacted with again at any time.

In this case, the customer is prompted to receive a coupon, which they can come in and redeem. However, we can also prompt them to book or register for paid events through the chatbot.

Through this we can generate metrics in order to calculate the return on investment on your social media campaigns.

Use cases in hospitality

Bookings: You can update your menu on Facebook such that people can book easily without having to go to your website or a 3rd party site.

Coupons: Providing coupons is the most effective way of building a database quickly, and you can also use it to generate more foot traffic to your venue.

Birthdays: Getting people to book their birthday celebration through a chatbot is an awesome way to get people into your venue, and works especially well for destination venues.

Events: You can get people to register interest for your event. You can also send out broadcasts to all the people in your chatbot database about your upcoming event.


As your database grows the use cases can become more effective. An example of this is coupons, by switching up the offer ever two months you can send your database a link to the new promotion, and drive even more traffic!